WordPress website maintenance

WordPress website maintenance

For everyone who wants to have their WordPress website in excellent condition.

Why is updating website important?

Regular updates of your WordPress website are crucial for security, performance, compatibility, new features, and SEO. Updates provide bug fixes, enhance website speed, and increase security against hacker attacks. They also keep the website compatible with the latest versions of plugins and themes. Furthermore, updated websites are rated better by search engines, which improves SEO. It is important to keep the website up-to-date for the long-term success and security of your online presence.

Price list

The price list is valid from: 01.01.2024. We are not VAT payers

Simple maintenance

15 € / month

108 € per year (9 € / month)

Advanced maintenance

25 € / month

240 € per year (20 € / month)

Maintenance of e-shops

40 € / month

360€ per year (30 € / mesiac)

Do you need to create a customized offer? Contact us.

Additional services for maintenance

We will find out which subpages are loading slowly and which require optimization. We will provide detailed information about errors on the website. (Price does not include modifications.)

A complete analysis of the website helps to detect problems. It monitors whether the website contains malicious codes and compares the codes stored in the database. It checks whether the website is on the blacklist, identifies errors on the page and outdated software.

It checks that the site is functional and immediately informs us of any serious errors. It helps to identify problems on the website faster.

We activate the WP Rocket module, which will help speed up the website and achieve better results in Google Page Speed Insights.

We activate the WP Rocket module to speed up the website and improve results in Google Page Speed Insights. In addition, every month we optimize the settings so that you can achieve better and better results.

Additional information

  • In case your website contains additional language versions, the maintenance price will increase by an additional amount. For simple websites, an extra +1€ will be added for each additional language. For e-shops, an extra +2€ will be added for each additional language.
  • The price does not include repairs on the website, such as adding modules, text edits, adding sub-pages, and the like.
    If your module or theme does not have an active license, we will not be able to perform the update.
  • We offer updates for modules without a license at lower prices. Each module has an individual price, so please inquire with us about specific conditions.
  • A one-time 20% discount applies to web services, such as adjustments on websites, adding modules, text edits. The discount does not apply to the preparation of a new website, plugins, domain, or hosting services.
  • Additional repairs on websites can be priced individually. Technical support outside working hours may be charged. In the case of priority solutions, i.e., express delivery, a higher amount may be charged. Please read our terms and conditions.
  • The stated prices are valid for new orders.