Website development

Website development

We will create a customized WordPress website.

Get a website quickly and with quality

Our goal is to create efficient, stylish and modern customized websites. Which will get you more customers and clients. The newly created page will be focused on your target group, so that it is as interesting as possible. With the site, you can get a new platform to represent yourself. We offer our clients high-quality work and adhere to the agreed delivery dates.

When creating a website
we provide

Reliable WordPress

Simple administration allows you to manage your WordPress website quickly and easily.

Responsive website

Get a website that looks great on any device, from smartphones to tablets.

Preparation for SEO

We help you optimize your content for Google to get more traffic and leads.

Technical support

We provide technical support for your website. We will help and advise you even remotely.

Advantages of our cooperation

For your site, we can provide the necessary domain address, storage space and all other technical conditions for operation.

Customer support
Secure websites
Functions as needed
SEO optimization
Fast loading website
Management and maintenance

Realized projects

Price list

The price list is valid from: 01.01.2024. We are not VAT payers.

Simple website

from 500 €

Extended website

from 900 €

Do you need to create a customized offer? Contact us.

Advantages of creating a website

You can also request additional services for your website that include installation of updates, regular checks and even daily backups. You can entrust it to us and save yourself time.

We always strive to ensure that the websites we build are stable, efficient, and provide an excellent user experience.

Are you a lawyer, architect or doctor? Based on your focus, we will recommend features that will facilitate the booking process, share large files or other improvements for your specific business.

We won’t leave you once the site is handed over! If you need help, you can count on us.

Do you need a custom design for your own website? There is no problem! We will create it for you. If you don’t have an idea, we will be happy to help you find your style that will best represent you.

SEO optimization for search engines.

Additional services to the website

WP core updates, WP template updates, security updates, website functionality check, text editing, website acceleration.

More information can be found here.

You can have a language mutation created for the website, one or more.

Price: 200€ / language

The price does not include the translation of the texts.

The websites I create run on WordPress. If at any time you decide to expand your website with an e-shop section, I will install and set up the Woocommerce interface.

Price: from 290€

Speed it up with our optimization services. We’ll help you identify and fix the problems that are slowing down your website. We can speed up any WordPress website.

You can find more information here.

Current requirements for cookies banner: the user is actively invited to approve/reject cookies before entering the website. Only after his interactions, he can enter the website. The website only sets cookies when the user actively removes/rejects it.

Price: 80€

We charge an hourly rate for smaller works or for modifications above the agreed limit.

Price: 30€ / hour

The hourly rate applies to all types of work, including consultations, phone calls, writing emails, searching for elements and similar activities.

We also offer the possibility of individual agreement on extreme delivery dates (weekends, holidays, overnight, etc.).

Price: 50€ / hour

The hourly rate applies to all types of work, including consultations, phone calls, writing emails, searching for elements and similar activities.