Nest Home

When creating the website for the Nest Home real estate agency, our most important task was to get to know the project itself. As part of this collaboration, we were given the opportunity to study the building design itself so that we could incorporate its elements into the website. The client already had his own logo available and it was just a matter of creating the website itself.

Client’s expectation

Regarding the website, there were a few more things that we had to be careful about. n the process of creating the website, it was important to pay attention to both the design and functionality of the site. It is important that a customer who visits your website can easily find the information, product or service they need. Specifically on this website, it was about simplifying the search for apartments. On the website, you can see a 3D search engine that offers potential customers a visual preview of the apartment. Working on this site was very interesting for us.

Intelligent solutions

Allow us to also point out that not only can the user easily customize the website, but the administrator can also easily and efficiently modify the content. It is very important for us that the client can easily modify information and details. In this case, it specifically involved editing information about the apartments.

Project created: