Chalan z burzy

Chalan z burzy

For our client, this time we have prepared something exceptional: a beautiful, modern, and functional website in the WordPress and Elementor system. The goal in its creation was to create not just an aesthetically attractive site, but also one that allows for a simple and smooth purchasing process, especially for products like courses. We focused […]

Doktor Sova

We have prepared a modern and clear e-shop offering nutritional supplements for sale. The site is responsive and designed to provide all the important information about the products. In addition, we also created 3D photos of products that we exported in different styles. The site is available in two language variants, allowing customers to conveniently […]


We helped the client to update the site and design, and especially to solve security problems. Subsequently, we expanded the offer of language mutations, adding versions in English, Hungarian, Polish and Czech, thereby increasing the accessibility and reach of the website.


We have created a simple and fast e-shop for Siwaterra. Siwaterra is a plant studio that was created with the idea of bringing more positive energy into a hectic world with plants and living decorations that can beautify any space.

Sadrové ruky

A clear and modern online shop is very important so that customers can shop easily and with joy. That’s why we have prepared a new online shop with a clear and modern design, to make shopping even more enjoyable.


The website was realized in Slovak, Czech and Hungarian languages.


GLASSKIN is more than just an e-shop. We don’t just want to sell you our products. We want to teach you how to use them properly. If you know your skin type and want to learn how to take care of yourself, your skin, and your body properly, we offer advice on selecting the right […]


For a company specializing in the sale of special syrups, we created an unconventional website. This website starts with informative content and smoothly transitions into an e-shop system. To make the process of ordering selected syrups easier, we simplified it to just a few clicks. These types of websites can be expanded at any time. […]

Ujo Ľubo

We have created an e-shop and a website for an organizer who arranges various programs for children. We have added several products to the e-shop, where clients can order goods online from the comfort of their homes.