For our client Scam, we updated an old logo that was previously available only in text form and looked outdated. We also created a basic design manual for them that defines the style and colors that can be used in their branding. Our work included various graphic samples for promotional items, demonstrating the logo’s flexibility […]

Veterinary clinic

We are glad that we could help our clients and provide a modern website for their veterinary practice. The new site design is optimised to help patients and pet owners get the information they need about the practice quickly and easily, including services, opening hours and contacts. We believe that the new website will be […]


For the dental clinic NEODENT in Košice, we prepared a design manual and various graphic samples. Additionally, we designed a reservation form that allows customers to easily book their appointments. This form is linked to an automated system, simplifying the booking process.


As part of the logo and corporate identity design, we also created an extensive design manual for the client, which defines the basic rules, principles, and ways of using the HARTE logo. It also provides a summary of standards for logo applications, fonts, and colors when presenting the brand, thus completing a unified design and […]


New logo and identity for Datamon. The design manual establishes the basic rules for using graphic elements, and we have also developed a logo manual that will help maintain a unified visual when applying the logo. We have prepared various samples for different promotional items, whether it be roll-ups or car decals.